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Atacama Yoga Tree Chicago

We sit at the crossroads between traditional yoga and a power practice.  While you'll see an improved booty, the focus is on the buddhi. Buddhi represents knowledge or wisdom so that we can strive to become the best version of ourselves, a buddhimat or a fully learned, rational individual.   

At BuddhiMat Yoga, we realize that though yoga is a physical practice, it is also much more.  Yoga is more than stretching and being flexible is not required.

At BuddhiMat yoga, we know that India does not have an ultimatum on yoga.  A guru or knowledge of Sanskrit are not requirements to practice or teach yoga.

At BuddhiMat yoga, we recognize that a challenging practice helps us grow by expanding ourselves past our preconceived limits and helping us understand our own internal blocks and barriers.

A BuddhiMat yoga, we understand that everyone can practice yoga as we all have the freedom to transform ourselves.  Yoga is about the individual; to find the expression of our own edges and play around with those edges to realize changes on the mat and off.

Will you join us?

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